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Home Staging in Alexandria, McLean, Arlington, Manassas, Oak Hill
& Fairfax in Virginia by Staged Interior

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1608 Sherwood Hall Ln, Alexandria, VA 22306 Virtual Tour

Staged and Sold in 2 Weeks with Multiple Offers!


This beautiful home in Alexandria was a joy to stage. Its unique contemporary retro design made the project both challenging and fun. Owner/Realtor Leslie Rodriguez was on board with her family, and we worked as a team to prepare the house for the staging day. We kept most of the original finishes in place, as part of the value of the house was due to the fact that it was an exact reproduction of a cutting-edge house plan from the 60s. From the floating fireplace to the spacious cantilevered porch and the large natural setting, the house had period charm that really set it apart from other homes in the neighborhood. Our whole team was thrilled with the staging results that truly emphasized the charm and attractive features of the house. As we expected, a contract was quickly ratified. In fourteen days there were two offers, and the deal was done!
"We just went to settlement! Thanks so much for the wonderful staging! …with 'multiple offers' the first week it went on the market, and 30+ people at the open house, many of whom saw it on the internet!" - Leslie Rodriguez
Commercial Office Staging - e Venture Real Estate Virtual Tour

Our Very First Commercial Staging Project


Our very first commercial staging project came in the form of a request from e-Venture Real Estate to stage their new offices in Reston. Their amazing success in their first year found them with a need for beautifying their reception and work spaces, and we were so pleased to be chosen as their staging professionals. Working with Beth Yesford and Roland Ford, the owners and real estate broker for e-Venture, was a pleasure and, as you can see in the following testimonial, the feeling was mutual. Because the unique offering of this firm is high-tech real estate, they wanted to counter that with warm, inviting surroundings and create a pleasant working environment where relationships could grow alongside the business. The pictures are further proof that Staged Interior accomplished this and more!
"Beth and I want to thank you for your excellent staging of our business offices. The accessories, furniture and color are astounding. We have already received numerous compliments on your work. I am also grateful for your concern for our needs and attention to detail. We look forward to the opportunity to have your stage our future offices." - Roland Ford
2400 N QUEBEC ST, ARLINGTON, VA 22207 Virtual Tour

Staged and Sold in 5 Days at $27K over List Price!


This house was beautiful and filled with wonderful furniture and things. Some of our most loyal and active realtors, Jerry and Carol McEwen, asked us to come in and rearrange what was there and bring in the "wow" factor for which we are famous. First the owners painted some key spaces to our specifications which really set the "Stage" and created a backdrop for our creative work. It was a fun and exciting project as we were privileged to have fine antiques and family heirlooms to use with our accessories and which enabled us to create the vision of a lifestyle the buyers could not refuse. It's no exaggeration to say the buyers were impressed and many offers resulted in an above-list-price contract in 5 days!
7505 OUTBACK CT, MANASSAS, VA 20112 Virtual Tour

10 Month Old Listing, Staged and Sold in 5 Days!


It would be the norm to find homes that are listed for sale and for rental simultaneously and for the owner to act on whichever exit option comes along first in this buyers market. Most of these listings chase down the market prices but never catch them, proving the research that sellers with a price reduction need 2 to 3 times longer to sell, potentially delaying their move and increasing their carrying cost*. Such was the case for these Manassas homeowners, Rich and Helen, who had already moved to another state and whose house had been on the market for 10 months. Enough was enough! Rich put together what he called the "A Team" with a new Realtor and Staged Interior. You know the rest of the story - with the right pricing, right staging and right Realtor, a contract was ratified in 5 days! After 10 months of hard work, it was an overnight success! They literally asked us to do our magic with "competitive edge on appearance" and we did it.

The agent Jim Downs at Caldwell Banker says,
"Hello Trish, Thank you for your work on Outback Ct. We have had a lot of interest since re-listing the property. We received and ratified a contract over the weekend! I am confident that the home staging helped sell this home. We will definitely be recommending your services."
*Based on 2008 research on single-family home pricing in 36 Atlanta First Multiple Listing Services (FMLS) areas.
1116 OLD CEDAR RD, MCLEAN, VA 22102 Virtual Tour

Staged and Sold in 7 Days!


When the homeowner completed all the specified enhancements from Staged Interior including designer paint in every room the results were dramatic. Add to that furniture and accessories to showcase the warmth and space the house already had and you have a house Staged and sold in a week! The dramatic results were even more than the owner of this vacant home expected as he said:
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your amazing staff at Staged Interior for the fantastic job you did on my house. I cannot express enough, how you and your team far surpassed my expectations. I believe, in my heart, that the way you staged my house was the biggest reason it sold in 7 days at top dollar. That is amazing considering the current housing market. Hiring you to stage my house was the smartest investment I could have made. I will continue to sing your praise and recommend you to everyone interested in selling their house.“
1104 N VERMONT ST, ARLINGTON, VA 22201 Virtual Tour

Staged and Sold in 34 Days!


A townhouse in Arlington with a growing family was transformed into a sophisticated home ready for a new family to begin life there. Paint selections and furniture rearrangement and reduction were the keys to getting this home show-ready. Add to that a few strategic pieces from Staged Interior and you have a sold home!

11319 KAHNS RD, MANASSAS, VA 20112 Virtual Tour

Staged and Sold in 10 Days with Multiple Offers!


Deceptively larger than the house appeared from the outside, this Manassas rambler was given a Staged Interior facelift which brought about a quick sale that thrilled the owners. With just a few additions, the homeowners' possessions took on new life and helped buyers see the way it can be! The owner was delighted as she said:
I was absolutely amazed when I walked into our house after Trish and her team had completed their work. Our home was beautiful, warm and inviting. We had 2 offers within 2 weeks of putting it on the market and the calls from interested buyers were still coming. Thank you, Staged Interior, for helping make our move quick and one of the easiest moves we've ever had.“
3120 FRANKLINS WAY, OAK HILL, VA 20171 Virtual Tour

Staged and Sold in less than 1 Month!


Minimal Staging can still be effective as Staged Interior makes all the right moves in preparing this home for the market in this popular neighborhood. Even though it was vacant, this home became warm and inviting with furniture and accessories provided by Staged Interior.

5725 WINDSOR GATE LN, FAIRFAX, VA 22030 Virtual Tour

Staged and Sold in less than 2 Months!


This beautiful property set on almost 10 acres in Fairfax became a showplace after Staging. Even with minimal Staging and rearranging Staged Interior made a dramatic impact as we worked with the seller to complete this project.


Home Staging in Alexandria, McLean, Arlington, Manassas, Oak Hill
& Fairfax in Virginia by Staged Interior

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